The Story Of Bhai Dooj, The Fifth Day Of Diwali Festival.

The Story Of Bhai Dooj, The Fifth Day Of Diwali Festival.
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The Fifth day of Diwali is celebrated as Bhai Dooj.  the festival that celebrate the bond of a brother and  sister. The sister usually carries out an Aarti of her brother, puts a Tilak on his head and treats him with sweets. The brother brings his sister a gift to show his love and affection towards her. This beautiful festival of bhai dooj has been celebrated for years now, but did you know how and when it all started?  What is the significance of bhai dooj? And what is the actual story of Bhai Dooj? Well, we have the answers to all these questions and here it is.

The Story of Bhai Dooj.

Long time ago Surya the son of god married a very beautiful princess named sangya. Together they had 2 children named Yama and Yamuna or Varni. The siblings loved each other and had an eternal bond of affection. After few years, it became very difficult for Sangya to tolerate Surya’s Brilliant brightness and glare. She decided to go away to earth and leave behind her exact replica called Chhaya, so that surya feels she is always there. Chhaya wasn’t a nice lady, she was very cruel and she soon started being unkind to both the children. She also gave birth to her own children and hence started to convince surya to drive out Yama and Varni.  Varni fell on the earth and became the river yamuna. Yama felt very bad and he went to the underground Hell.

Years passed and the children grew up. Varni fell in love and married a charming Prince and was very happy with her life. Yama become Yamaraj the king of death. But one thing still created a hole in their hearts, they missed each other a lot. After so many years Yamuna misses her brother and calls him to visit her. She prepares a delicious meal, Decorates the house and awaits her brother. When Yamaraja arrives she puts a tilak on his head and carries out his aarti. He feels extremely happy and elated on meeting Yamuna.

Before Leaving Yama says to his sister that he feels bad that she did so much for him, and he didn’t even remember to bring her a gift. He insists her to ask something as a gift from him and he shall definitely give. Yamuna asks Yama that this day should be celebrated by all brothers and sisters every year and  meet each other if they can, The sisters should pray for the happiness and health of their brothers.

Yama grants her wish and since that day, Bhai dooj has been celebrated every year on the same day to mark the celebration of a beautiful bond between a sister and brother.

Bhai Dooj is also known as an occassion of the day when Krishna arrived at his sister Subhadra’s place after killing the demon, Narakasura. She welcomes Krishna by worshipping him by an aarti and putting tilak on his forehead.

This is the satory of Bhai dooj and the reason why we celebrate this loving bond between a broither and sister. We hope and pray that all our readers and their families have a great Diwali and a lovely Bhai Dooj.

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