In A stunning Incident, 19-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself whereas Video Chatting With Girlfriend

In A stunning Incident, 19-Year-Old Boy Shoots Himself whereas Video Chatting With Girlfriend

In a tragic incident, a 19-year-old boy allegedly concluded his life whereas lecture her girlfriend on WhatsApp video decision.

According to TOI, the youth known as Akash Kumar from Patna, shot himself within the head with a semi-automatic side arm whereas chatting along with his girlfriend on a video decision, within his residence.

Reportedly, the victim did not clear his intermediate examination last year and was same to be coupled to at least one of the ‘biker gangs’ in Patna.

His girlfriend may be a category twelve student from Patna. The youth allegedly took away his life as a result of each sets of fogeys were against their relationship.

Akash asked his girlfriend to come back on-line before he committed suicide.

According to police sources,

The lady told police that Akash cocked side arm at the live video chat on that she asked him to get rid of the side arm and remove the magazine. Keeping the wireless telephone on his legs coated with a blanket, the youth shot himself whereas resting on his back on the bed.
Also, a nine millimetre country-made side arm, a loaded magazine, a pellet and therefore the wireless telephone through that Akash was chatting along with his girlfriend are taken over from the accident spot.

The incident passed off at around three am in morning. associate FIR has been lodged against his girlfriend and police is investigation the matter.

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