He Took His Skin Off For Me


‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’ is a short film directed by Ben Aston who is a London School graduate. He made this short movie when he was heading for London School. The credit for the original short story of this movie goes to Maria Hummer. The plot of the movie is something which will leave you in a confused state of mind.

He-Took-His-SkinThe movie is about a sad couple. The man in takes his skin off for her girl as he wants to look more attractive to his wife. The VFX is just flawless. He Took His Skin Off For Me is a story with a strong message. The major and common reason behind any relationship’s collapse is that we try to change ourselves for this particular person. If a person is trying to change you then it is time you move on.

The-movie-is-about-a-sad-coThe guy took off his skin just to please her, it starts smooth in the beginning but later things started changing. The real hardwork begins for the girl when she needed to do extra amount of work; from cleaning all the clothes to moping the floors again and again.

The-guy-took-off-his-skin-jOn the other hand, the guy is having trouble in adjusting with the new version of himself. He feels cold and his day at office doesn’t go well. But, the real turning point comes when the girl says, “you’ll figure it out”, while  she was trying to console him.

On-the-other-handThe guy did everything he could to be with his girl but it isn’t same with the girl. The tension between them increases; from the dining table to the bed. In the last scene, the guy was seen pulling her skin. It is just that the guy wants her girl to also take her skin off for him.

The-guy-did-everythingWatch this epic short film, He Took His Skin Off For Me:

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Tiru Dehariya

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