Have You Tried The” Mulled Wine Hair Color” That Is Becoming The Latest Winter Trend?!


Okay, we have heard about so many hair colors from platinum blonde, to ash grey to violet and everything has caught the attention of hair stylists and now there is one more shade in town that is doing the rounds in the internet! Yes, it is none other than the “mulled wine hair color” which is catching everyone’s attention and people are already trying the new color.

Now, where did this idea come from exactly?! The most recent hair color trend is inspired is by a drink and we’re as of now fixated on the tint. Presenting ‘thought about wine’ hair, the color everybody is talking about. From the last couple of patterns #CreamSoda, #Cider and #Spice to #MulledWine, it’s about seasonal happiness now.

Wine, which is generally an occasional beverage, is the perfect shading pick for this winter. The shading pattern made a route through the viral hashtag and now everybody is by all accounts fixated on it. The tone is a blend of dark red, which has highlights of purple and has a trace of dark chocolate.

This shade is actually a comeback since, it was a thing back in the 90s, and is presently being praised again with another name. Trending now, the shading has reemerged without a moment to spare for winters and even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is by all accounts a fanatic of this color.

ImageSource: therighthairstyles.com
ImageSource: therighthairstyles.com

You may have also noticed her with this shade for a long while now. Her hair shading is a blend of darker and burgundy shades, which is somewhat like reflected on wine. From winter mold to nail polishes to even lip shading, this season is about this ageless shade. Things being what they are, the reasons keep the hair behind?

Look at some of the photos that girls are flaunting with and it will make you wana try this hair color right now!

Gorgeous Pinot noir hue 🍷🔥 @mackpaintedthat #beautylaunchpad

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