Vikas Gupta Ran Away From The Bigg Boss 11 House ?


This season of Bigg Boss is one of the most dramatic reality shows where you can see the contestants are trying to play their own way thereby increasing the TRP of the show. Previously, Bigg Boss has been known for its constant melo drama, tasks, love and humor that makes the viewers watch this show regularly. But, looks like this season is way too extreme than the previous ones!

Subsequently the first-since forever Weekend Ka Vaar of the season could not have been all the more hard-hitting and unstable. While a portion of the challengers needed to confront have cum-padosi Salman Khan’s rage for being injurious and absurd on the show, some were reproved for supporting the wrong people.

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The show saw exit of two candidates – Priyank Sharma (who was tossed out by Bigg Boss) and Zubair Khan (wiped out by open voting).

What’s more, now as indicated by most recent reports, Vikas Gupta ran away from the house. According to business cinema, a source said that one of the entryways of Bigg Boss prompting exit was left open by mistake by the creators of the show. At the point when Vikas ran over the opened entryway he quickly fled. As far back as Vikas went into the house, he has been interfering each battle and discussion. From Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan to Akash Dadlani, he has been in a tiff with each ‘controversial contenders’ in only one week.

Not simply challengers but rather steadfast fans and followers of BB11 are additionally tongue-tied; regardless of whether Bigg Boss will allow Vikas to return into the house or will he be likewise tossed out too to break the run the show.

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