[Watch] Homeless Man Does Unbelievable Act

homeless man

‘Johal’ is a YouTube channel which is dedicated to social experiments and pranks. This guy will bring you the reality of the world we are living in. One’s true self is exposed through these social experiments.

Today, we have got a video of this guy which demonstrates that humanity will never leave one’s heart. This is a social experiment done on a homeless man who hasn’t eaten anything since morning. The social experiment on this homeless guy came out as an inspirational video.

The video starts with Johal approaching a homeless man. Johal shows this homeless man a picture of his missing daughter. The homeless man has never seen that face and was unable to help Johal. They both talk for a few minutes and then Johal starts to leave. The homeless man then stops Johal; asks him if he could have one of his daughter’s picture. Johal hands over the picture to this guy with a few bucks so that he can call Johal if he sees his daughter anywhere. After Johal leaves the place, the cameraman continues to record this guy. You won’t believe what this person did after Johal left. And, the unbelievable thing is that he continued doing that for several hours.

Watch this video to check out what happens after Johal leaves:

The video of a homeless man is really heart-touching and will make you value the efforts of this man.

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Tiru Dehariya

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