Have You Watched “Churri”: Creative Way Of Sorting Affair?

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Keep in mind the powerhouse execution conveyed by the astounding Tisca Chopra in Chutney? Presently envision the creators of Chutney meeting up again – with Anurag Kashyap, no less – to convey another effective short film. That is precisely what Chhuri is. LargeShortFilms’ most recent wander stars Tisca Chopra, Anurag Kashyap and Suvreen Chawla in a fascinating affection triangle.

Churri-Short-Film01What happens when a wife finds her husband cheating and having an extra marital affair? This wife handles it like you could never anticipate that somebody will.

Churri-Short-Film02Online networking hasn’t quit raving about the short film since it has released yesterday. In only a day, it has gathered more than 2 lakh views on YouTube.

Churri-Short-Film03Here is what Twitterati’s are saying in response to the film

“I was simply sitting tight for this film anxiously. It was worth holding up. Cherished it totally. Tisca Chopra did equity to the part of a swindled housewife who is likewise a solid lady in her own specific manner,” thinks of one watcher on Facebook. “This is freakin splendid,” remarks another.

Now, if you are wondering what the story is all about, let me give you a glimpse of it. Apparently, Tisca is married to Anurag Kashyap and they have two beautiful children. But one fine morning, Anurag gets multiple messages on his phone and he gets all dressed up and is ready to leave home without even having breakfast.

Tisca gets upset and her daughter too is disappointed as he promised her to drop her for swimming class. The mother then thinks of an interesting way to sort this matter since she knew her husband is having an extra marital affair.

It is simply applauding and the performances given by the stars are fabulous.

Watch the Entire Film here.

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