You Will Be Shocked To See The ‘Truth’ Exposed By A Photographer Who Shows “Behind The Scenes Of Photography”


We all love to click pictures and capture the moment that fascinates us the most. Well, for us anything with a good picture seems perfect, but for photographers its beyond perfection. They go in depths to make it look outstanding with their photoshop effects. But, let me tell you, photoshop is not everything a photographer does! Sometimes they even go to extreme lengths to capture certain moments.

If you look at those pictures you will be stunned because they are beyond your imagination! I am sure everyone of you would have seen some beautiful pictures of a model posing in an old vintage building, or a couple lounging in the beach and there goes a candid picture. Have you ever wondered how these photographs turn out to be so amazing?! The location, the color, the detailing everything seems like a dream photo. Aren’t you curious to know what things are done to get that perfect image?!

Well, for all those curious peeps, Gilmar Silvar has made your wish come true. She is a Brazilian Wedding and Family photographer and in her recent posts, she has shared a series of photos that reveals the dirty truth behind professional portraits! Yes, you can look at her “Behind The Scenes” photos which is a project called, “LUGARXPHOTO ( place and photo) that exposes the reality behind those perfect snapshots!

On her instagram account, Silvar shares some of the photos that will blow your mind!
You can check the page here

Thrilled?! Well, they say a photo is an art of expression, you can empathize with what you see. It can be sadness, happiness, anger or something that gives you a deep meaning. Since you all are used to seeing those glamorous images on social media, and wonder all by yourself as to how these images are so beautiful, there is a dark story behind it! Some are decent while some will make you cringe!

To laugh or be cringed is for you to decide after you look at these photos.

Look at how Silvar exposes the truth behind those professional portraits that are jaw-dropping!

LUGARxFOTO 😱😍👏🏼 Do lado da sua casa tem um muro com Matinhos e a pessoa é viciada em Matos e pega sua vizinha e vai fazer o que? FOTOS NO MATINHO… Já estava um pouco escuro aqui e para criar essa luz vindo do lado esquerdo da foto eu apontei o Flash para o lado esquerdo e por incrível q pareça não rebateu em nada, só em um parede que estava bem distante, uns 20 metros de distância do Flash! Gostaram? Quem acha q merece um tutorial da foto e da edição? Comenta e marca seu amigo que precisa aprender isso para fazer suas fotos assim 😍👏🏼📷🙌🏼 . . . #asroma #derossi #roma #romainter #dajeroma #forzaroma #love #kids #ddr #seriea #football #video #clip #btsi #slime #slimethailand #slimer #sweetdecothailand #swd #sweetdeco #thailand #toys #สไลม์ฟินๆ #recipe #ไลค์ #toy #ไลค์มาไลค์กลับ #like4like #likeforlikes #likeforlike

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LUGARxFOTO 😍😱📷 Hoje o casal que veio diretamente de Manaus para nossas lentes foi a linda @abrunaguedes e seu digníssimo @agopontes… E mais uma vez vamos desafiar as leis da gravidade hahaha Inspiração pra essa foto foi do talentoso Christopher James, não ficou tão linda quanto a dele, mas tentei 😍❤️👏🏼📷 . . #dress #body #aurora #trunkshow #weddingforward #wedding #bride #bridetobe #weddingday #свадьба #newyorkcity #weddingphotography #chloe #bridesmaids #weddinginspiration #instawedding #weddingparty #weddingideas #weddingplanning #weddingphoto #weddingtime #instabride #gettingmarried #weddingblog #dreamwedding #newlywed #weddingphotographer #weddingidea #weddingshot #instaphoto

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Shocked?! Well, that’s how extreme photographers go to get the perfect image.

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