Woman Undergoes Over 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie And Here’s How She Looks Like!

Woman Undergoes Over 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie And Here’s How She Looks Like!

You may have seen thousands of fans who go to extreme lengths to prove their love for celebrities and few of them even try to imitate these celebs by becoming like them! Having a crush on a celebrity is a good thing but imitating them and trying to look like them is the next bizarre thing you could ever think of!

I am sure everyone of you have heard about the beautiful Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie and not to forget her acting skills are spectacular and she is the bomb of the industry. What if I told you there was a person who has undergone multiple surgeries as many as 50 to look like Angelina! OMG right?! Now, I am sure you must be wondering what does she look like now?

“War is so complex; human nature is so complex. There's no filmmaker who has ever figured it out perfectly.” – Angelina Jolie

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Apparently, the woman’s name is Sahar Tabar who is from Tehran, Iran and she has undergone a plastic surgery to look like the 42-year old actress Angelina Jolie. Yes, since she has uploaded pictures on Instagram, she is breaking the internet as people are shocked to see her transformation.

ImageSource : thesun.co.uk
ImageSource: Thesun.co.uk

This was how she used to look before the surgery!

If you would look at how she looked before the surgery, then you will be astonished to see how she looks now. Many people arent able to predict her age as some say she is 22 years, while the others say she is 29years old. If you will look at her Instagram profile you would notice that she has nearly 3lakh followers, which is amusing.

داشيامو دوس دارم..!👅🖕🏻

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Sahar has become the talk of the town since she has uploaded some pictures of herself. It is not the beauty transformation that has captured the people’s attention, but she looks not less than a “ plastic doll.”


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According to the Jastrzab report, she underwent 50 surgeries and also followed a special and strict diet to reduce her weight to 88 pounds I.e. 44kgs just to look like Angelina Jolie.

No wonder, how passionate these people are that they would do anything to imitate and look like their favorite celebs!

There is no denying in the fact that she has people have posted negative comments and mocked her for doing such a hideous transformation, since in this process she has lost her own beauty. Twitterati’s have commented on her saying that now Sahar looks like Tim Burton’s “ corpse bride” 😛

Many of them are even scared to look at her pictures and have literally “peed” their pants on seeing her horrific pictures.

If you are brave enough to look at her pictures, then have a look for yourself!

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وحشي تر از اونيم كه رامم كني..!👅🖕🏻

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نرو بدون تو سخت ميگذره..!❄️

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داشيامو دوس دارم بدخواهارو بيشتر ولي ..!

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درخت نابه..!👅🤘🏻

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از اينكه متفاوت باشي نترس از اين بترس كه مثل بقيه باشي..!🙏 سـحـرتبـــــــر..!❄🔮

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