WTF!!! Manforce Just Launched New Indian “Achari” Flavored Condom


Sex is definitely an integral part of every couple’s life. Now it has not just limited to produce kids like the old times. Now sex has also become therapy to fulfill person’s own physical as well as mental needs.

Sex and fantasies is again another topic which are linked with each other quite strongly. To fulfill these desires condom companies too are working hard and efficiently. That is also the reason why we are seeing too much different flavored of condoms in the market.

Taking this to a whole another level, Manforce has introduces a brand new Achari flavored condom exclusively for the Indian audience.


Launching the new flavor through Facebook on Thursday, Manforce described it as “Tangy & Tantalizing”.

So try it and ready to experience something brand new on the bed tonight.

By Prajakt K.

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