WTF! Woman Stuffs 3 YO Stepdaughter In A Bag: Watch Video!


In this brutal world of tragedy and bitterness there are many horrific incidents that make you question about human existence! Its like few people have forgotten the feelings of others and are hurting and torturing them whichever way they feel like.

Apparently, an insane video has been doing rounds on the internet where a woman is seen stuffing her 3 year-old stepdaughter inside a gunny bag and she is literally slapping her. This merciless act is quite disturbing to see and many people are raising their voice to this hideous incident.

The woman has been identified as Jaspreet Kaur who is from Chandigarh and is absconded since the child’s father reported a complaint against her.


This video went viral on the internet when the girl’s elder brother recorded and uploaded it on the social media website. The woman is seen continuously slapping the 3 year old girl even though her leg is plastered and is also seen stuffing her inside the gunny bag. It is really cruel of her to do such a brutal thing.

The father of the girl, identified as Manmohan Singh, was reportedly unaware of the case earlier.

Singh has also accused his wife of breaking his daughter’s leg.

woman-stuffing-girlAccording to reports, the video was shot around two-and-a-half months ago and was recorded by the girl’s elder brother. Also, according to the police reports, the video was made available to them by someone and apparently she also broke her step daughter’s leg few months back.

The woman has been accused of this gory crime and a case under the provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 was lodged against the woman after her husband lodged a complaint against her, SHO of Industrial Area, Phase I police station Devinder Singh said. — PTI.

Watch the video here

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